What is Founder’s Day?  Is it to celebrate the Presidents of the US? 
When Wagner Elementary School and the PTA celebrate Founder’s Day it just happens to be coincidence that it falls around President’s Day.  Nationally PTA commemorates the first National Congress of Mothers convention that took place February 17 through 19 in 1897.  This convention emphasizes the importance of parent involvement in the schools and showcases the role that PTA has played on behalf of our children.  In 1910, it was proposed that PTAs nationally celebrate this day.

We take the time out to honor people that have provided significant service to the school and our children.  Among a long list of distinguished people who volunteer countless hours of their personal time, this year Wagner PTA has honored two people.

Congratulations and many thanks to
Jennifer Knight, Christine Snapp and Cathy Martinez
Annette Flores and Cari Quackenbush
Diane Karp, Monique Cravens and Carrie Pipkin
Heather Kronebush and Janet Vash
Denise Lugo, Diane Adamson and Christa Marmolejo

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We also thank the parents for making the PTA possible, the students for the wonderful and entertaining musical performances and the teachers who organized the performances.